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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jenova 7 Anthology

This is a collection of my top 10 favorite Jenova 7 songs to listen to while designing iOS applications.

1. Metamorphosis

2.  Dark Water Jazz

3. Moonlight Vibe

4. Smooth Jazz Backup

5.  Midnight In Paris

6. Inner Space

7. Haiku (Tribute To Nujabes)

8. Under The Falling Stars

9. Out With A Bang

10. Life Is Just A Ride

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Believe in Yourself

In Yourself
or No 

You Will be 


about What You
Came here for.

It is your
Your Reason








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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

9 Years of Tattoo Work


I went through our checks and looked in the system to make sure it didnt scan to another account. Please write another check and if the other comes up I will return to you. Once we receive payment you can disregard notice.

Dear Jen,

I just received the notice to quit and terminate due to an arreage of $717.88, which appears to be close to my portion of the rent, which I definitely wrote a check of $722.18 for on 27th of February.

I did have my room mate Ryan take the envelope of checks down and he mentioned some confusion over the amount because he forgot about the increase on the new lease, so perhaps my check was misplaced on his end of looking over the checks, or could it have been misfiled in some way in the office?

I am in the building today and can swing by to write a new check, but I just want to know what happened to the first one, as well as the amount of 717.88 vs 722.18.


Dear Visitor Assistants,

Attached please find the schedules for the next three (3) weeks through the end of March. Please let me know as soon as possible if there are errors, edits, or other changes that need to be made

Below is some information/scheduling for our Barry McGee opening as well as the Special Events Schedule through April if anyone is interested in picking up some of the TBDs:

>>Barry McGee VIP & Member Opening on Friday, April 5th (opens to the public on Saturday, April 6th)
We are opening the McGee exhibition internally (to the Press, etc) 10A-5P on Friday April 5th. In order to give as many of you hours as possible, I have plugged in VAs who usually work Friday nights to work in the galleries for the opening, at the special events pay rate of $12 an hour. The event scheduled time is 6-10 (arriving at 5:30.) If you are one of the scheduled VAs below, and are unable to work till 10, please let me know.

One more thing that I would add - while some folks are "understanding" of the ownership's needs to raise rental prices, that was never really the plan for this building. It was supposed to stay affordable (and that's not a relative term to the skyrocketing rents in Fort Point / Seaport).

Ownership messed up the co-op conversion, pissed off the residents who wanted to own, subsequently messed up Bob Keuhn's Trust that was supposed to see a 23million dollar benefit from the sale of this building, and are now trying to make good to the beneficiaries by making money off this building. Meanwhile their loan amounts were fixed at 3.x% in 2009 by a friendly (and possibly dumb) move I ALONE made to help them out with HUD/BRA. To thank me/us for stabilizing their costs they continue raising rents to make up for their previous mistakes.

Burns me up. The goal of the previous board in 2009 when co-op failed was to stabilize rent costs. It's in the former minutes. People "didn't believe" in the board at that time so after a year it became too thankless to continue pressing forward. Now... here we are.

eric levin

Adrienne Lee

to wlucy953, alison.jane.ev., alston.shack, brooks.sterritt, chausammann, 'christopherjs., 'creightonpaec., 'dsherwoodforb., 'eamaldari, 'ejs08, 'genesisbaez, 'hayleyamorgen., 'jill_a_cook, 'jfbennett760, 'josh, 'jkhamarji, 'julia_alvarez, 'atwood.julia, 'cwh215, 'sambranok, 'kbcarrier, 'lauren_costa, Margaret.Jensen, matthew.ryan.d., mikecenteno

VA’s if you have not already seen this article, I have attached it here for you. We talked about this article a little this weekend, so enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Old Works - 2005-2010

I am publishing a book of old works on paper. Most of these pieces I sold on the streets of Portland, Maine, or Worcester, Massachusetts. A few of them even made it out into the streets of Antigua, Guatemala. Most of them went for free, or just a few dollars and some change. I think my motto the whole time was "Pay What You Will." I was inspired by the Radiohead album, In Rainbows. 

I would just like to thank a few people for believing in me along the way and supporting my craft, as I sold my work like a raving lunatic in the streets. 

Robert Tobin, Seth West, Tim Murdoch, Tina Phillips, Christian Millian, Bryan Breault, Michael J. Sirois, Tina Zlody and the Arts Worcester Crew, Hanley Denning and the Safe Passage brigade, Sara Tarbox, Matthew Woods Sidar, Steve Rothschild, Dean Denise Darrigrand, Aunt Leslie, and last but not least, Gilbert and Cynthia Wilcox. Oh, and why not, Miko Carating. I love you all. Meg and I are gonna make a sick book. 

This is just a sample of a few pieces*