Sunday, February 13, 2011

Voicemail - A Horror Film by Michael J. Sirois

Voicemail – A Horror Film by Michael J. Sirois

Sirois’ “Voicemail,” depicts a world of delusion that occurs in the hyperconnected mind.

In this world where clear communication with people has been surpassed by a new dimension of digital space, the character fights reality.

With the immediate medication of the first scene, sanity is questioned, and the only interruption is of artificial sound,  “I need your help,” over and over.

The eastern hum of the soundwork, and its carefully chosen percussion punctuate hallucinations and paranoia.  

This space of insanity is created by absence.

Cuts to cleaning implements predict destruction, and the character searches into an apartment, its bathroom and completely losing his mind.

As he cleanses himself at the sink, he is countered by the surreal image he sees in the mirror: something impossible.

A clear disc on the doorstep fuels a tranced and ritualized t.v. slumber.

The decisive sound is again punctuated by the sparse robotic absence.

“Baby where are you? Im at the restaurant,” as self destruction is completed.