I am an artist and designer based out of Midway Studios in Boston MA., USA. I create urban based work with tones of post industrial society and decay. My thought process is born out of the psychogeographic and situationist traditions, that of consciously experiencing space (particularly within modernity) and its effects on the human psyche.


Selected Works:

"35 Innovators under 35," Portrait of Cesar de La Fuente, MIT Technology Review, Cambridge, MA. 2019. "Un científico gallego, elegido por el MIT entre los 35 mejores innovadores del mundo," La Voz de Galicia, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. 2019

"The Gender/Race Imperative," A Life Designed, New England School of Art and Design, Boston, MA. 2019

"Gaudi," Reimagining City Hall, Mayor's Gallery, Boston City Hall, Boston, MA. 2019

"Mailart-project - Roze hokjes," Galerie Tuur, Venlo, Netherlands. 2019 

"Molybdenum ditrelluride light source for silicon photonics," HiPEAC - Vision - Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Barcelona, Spain. 2018

"Vergangene Zukunft - In the Future," Atlantic Wharf Gallery, Boston, MA. 2018

“MBE,” Photographic Mural Installation - MIT - Cambridge, MA. 2018

"Single-photon image sensor," Cover Artwork - Nature Photonics - London, UK. 2017

“Peter Barrett” Collaborative Photo/Video Documentary with artist, Jenova 7 - Plymouth, MA. 2017-2018

“BEC-3,” Art Direction and Production for Large Format Photographic Installation with Nobel Laureate, Wolfgang Ketterle - Cambridge, MA. 2017

“The Gender/Race Imperative,” Artwork for Anita Hill as Martin Luther King Visiting Lecturer - MIT - Cambridge, MA. 2017-2018

“Pixía,” 3D - A Thesis Exhibition for Masters of Graphic Design Students - Suffolk University - Boston, MA. 2016

"Spin correlations under the microscope," Cover Artwork - Science Magazine - Washington, DC. USA. 2016

"Holy Ghost," Boston Architectural College - Boston, MA. USA. 2015

“A Secret Melody,” Album Artwork - Mononome - Thessaloniki, Greece. 2015

"No.4," Thos. Moser - Boston, MA. USA. 2014

"A Tale of 3 Heads," Wax Triptych - Thessaloniki, Greece. Laval, Canada. Boston, MA. USA. 2013

"Licious," Album Artwork - Jelly - Boston, MA. USA. 2013

"Progressive Archaeology," Ivy Corset Building, Worcester, MA. USA. 2012

"Change," Clark University, Worcester, MA. USA. 2012

"Challenge Convention Change Our World," Clark University, Worcester, MA. USA. 2012

"URBAN LIFE - Cultures - Transitions - Identities,” Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy. 2012

"The Sounds of Sector 7," Jenova 7, Boston, MA. USA. 2012

"Itsa Small, Small World," Family Business Gallery, Chelsea, NYC. USA. 2012

“Arts Worcester Consortium,” Aurora Gallery, Worcester, MA. USA. 2012

“Young Urban Swedish In a Multilingual Setting,” Cover Artwork, Publication of University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden. 2011